Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

Away Jersey Cap Helmet Record Home Jersey Cap Helmet Record
Pit Black Black (white outline) Black 1-0 ChC Pinstripe Blue Blue 1-1
Phi Gray Red Red 1-3 Wsh Blue Blue (red bill) Blue (red bill) 1-1
StL Gray Red Red 0-1 NYY Pinstripe Blue Blue 4-0
Bal Black Black bird Black bird (orange bill) 1-0 Tor White Blue Blue 0-2
Det Gray Blue (orange D) Blue (orange D) 2-1 Cle White Blue Wahoo (red bill) Blue C 0-2
Mil Blue Brewers Blue M Blue M 3-0 Cin White Red Red 1-3
NYM Gray Blue Blue 4-1 Mia White Black Black 2-2
TB Blue Blue Blue 1-1 Bos Red Blue Blue 0-1
SD Blue Blue Blue 2-2 Atl White Blue (red bill) Blue (red bill) 1-0
CWS Gray Black Black 2-1 Min Red Red (blue bill) Blue 0-1
LAA Red Red Red 1-3 KC White (gold trim) Blue (gold KC) Blue (gold KC) 1-0
Hou Gray Blue (orange bill) Blue 3-1 Oak White Green (gold bill) Green (Gold bill) 1-3
Ari Gray (w/red) Black (red top) Black 0-2 LAD White Blue Blue 3-1
Tex Gray Blue Blue 2-1 Sea NW GreenBlue (NW Green bill) Blue 1-0
Col Purple Black (purple bill) Black 1-1 SF Orange Black (orange bill) Black 1-0

Correction 5/06/17: I initially inverted the colors of Seattle's cap. It has now been corrected

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